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Category: Game Fix Errors

Gta 5 Patch Download For Pc

Gta 5 Patch

Gta 5 Patch Download Patch version 1.0.1032.1 is already available for download in GTA 5 Online. In size, this small update, which fixes a bug in the cars Infernus Classic, Pfister 811 and some other vehicles that turn the car when cornering or at all very difficult to manage. The size Gta 5 of the update […]

How to Fix Battlefield 1 Directx Error ?

Battlefield 1 Directx Error

How to Fix Battlefield 1 Directx Error ? Many players around the world are eagerly awaiting the release of each Battlefield game and also know How to fix DirectX Function Error in Battlefield 1. And yesterday, 21 October, Battlefield 1 made it to release. However, many players encountered a surprise. In their attempt to enter the game or […]

Rockstar Social Club Download Gta 5

Rockstar Social Club Download

Rockstar Social Club Download Gta 5 is a program to ensure the management of multiplayer in recent Rockstar games. Program and service Rockstar Games Social Club was launched on 27 March 2008. Rockstar Games Social Club received a major update in 2012, before Max Payne 3 release, after which the Social Club received a lot […]

Gta 5 Rage Plugin Hook Download

Playgtav.exe Download

Gta 5 Rage Plugin Hook this plugin allows you to run scripts for games created on the engine, RAGE, need some mods and utilities, GTA 5  Gta 5 Rage Plugin Hook Download Added support for customizing vehicle emergency lighting patterns and install these + sirens into regular vehicles as well. See the Emergency Lighting class in rage hook plugin or gta 5 rage plugin […]

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